Accurate advertising decisions with person-based
cross-media exposure and attribution data

mobile acr

Cross-screen and person-based audience measurement to identify which ads drive brand lift and attribute to conversion.

We now live in a data-driven, cross-platform advertising world and common media measurement solutions have struggled to keep up with today’s cross-platform media consumption. We believe that brands and broadcasters should have TV and radio audience and ROI data at the precision of digital media.

We provide advertisers and media owners more precision and context to cross-media and TV ad effectiveness analytics, by tracking TV, video, radio, OOH exposure & behavioural data.

Person-based Cross-media Audience & Attribution measurement

We help you track individual TV, video and radio advertising exposure, and then link it with the user’s brand opinion, ad recall (surveys), store traffic (Geo-tracking) and purchases (1st & 3rd party data), creating a unique and much more rigorous dataset of TV and cross-media advertising effectiveness than previously available.


Use cases


Our single-source audience measurement verifies which media channels deliver incremental audience reach. This allows media buyers to optimise for advertising buying efficiency like never before. Finally, a single-source that can accurately validate unduplicated R&F measurement & analytics per audience segment that has saved millions of dollars in ad spend. Media agencies and advertisers leverage Beatgrid Analytics to maximise efficiency across channels and platforms, for each audience segment.


The first single-source solution to measure the behavioural outcome and brand lift based on our industry-leading  TV, radio and OOH ad exposure measurement at the individual level. Recall based methodology may result in over or under-representation of exposure.  We help you boost  TV or radio ROI by understanding the optimal TV and radio for brand lift effectiveness.


The world’s first single source cross-media ad exposure to footfall metrics. We track the offline customer journey, from offline and online media to purchase behaviour. all from a single source, at the individual level. We help to understand how you can best win new clients at scale using TV, radio and OOH. Test us today and learn how you can lift cross-media ROI in a completely new way.


Near real-time measurement of viewing behavior across platforms, to measure the behavioral outcome of exposure to TV, video or radio advertising in driving tune-in to specific programs, to drive better and faster programming decisions.

How it works

The audience meter app
with only 1% battery impact

Having spent over three years of R&D, we went beyond perfection to develop the most advanced person-based Audience Meter app ever designed. Our app performs Ambient Content Recognition (ACR) with significantly more efficiency and accuracy than any other technologies, according to 3rd party benchmark tests.

Our Smart Monitoring Algorithms (SMA) automatically determine for each user when to start and stop media monitoring. Our apps are integrated with Smart Monitoring, gamification and ACR technology, location technology backend.


Highly Rated 

Our awarded Audience Meter app overcomes the technology and behavioural barriers. It performs All DAY media measurement through our user’s smartphone without impacting privacy, data plans or daily battery. This enables large person-based panels, at significantly lower user recruitment costs.

Audience Meter app

Individual Media Behavior
Collects individual cross-media behaviour, both content and advertising.

Strong Panel Retention
We retain ~90% of users each month because it’s easy, automatic and doesn’t have a noticeable effect on the users’ device with only 1% battery use per hour.

100% Passive
Our apps even monitor when they are running in the background or have been force quit, both iOS and Android.



More Accurate
More accurate than other mobile ACR technologies. Industry benchmarks stand behind our promise.

Smart Monitoring
Smart Monitoring Algorithm that automatically optimizes when to start and stop media monitoring.

Works Without Internet
On-device Audio Matching and remote serverside Audio Matching.

Your benefits

  • Which TV and radio ads are driving a change in behaviour
  • See what level of frequency on each channel drives retail footfall
  • How customer and non-customers visit stores after TV exposure
  • Which media impacts non-customer behaviour
  • Understand which ads across-channels are driving more sales
  • Learn how the competitors are driving customers to stores
  • Cross-platform ad exposure driving brand awareness 

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