New ‘Next Gen’ Sound Recognition API for iOS and Android

Implement Sound Recognition within mobile apps more efficient than Ever. We are proud to announce the launch of our new MobileSync™ with a Next Generation mobile Audio Fingerprinting API for both iOS and Android.

Mobile Sound Recognition SDK fingerprinting API

Efficient and Modular Audio Fingerprinting API

In a connected generation, where mobile devices become faster and more mobile apps are eating smartphone battery life, Beatgrid Media took a new and modern approach on Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) based on our proprietary Audio Fingerprinting technology.

Our new Next Generation Sound Recognition is so efficient, that by iOS standards it has ‘ZERO energy impact’ on the device performance. Based on client feedback, our mobile Sound Recognition technology is unique in how efficient it is. Nonetheless, we continuously strive to set a new benchmark in mobile ACR technology.

After months of research and testing we improved our core Audio Fingerprinting API on several levels, like speed of recognition, battery use and cross-platform compatibility to cope with multiple mobile Sound recognition use-cases.

zero battery impact Audio Content Recognition

Extremely Lightweight Fingerprints

Users and developers will have the advantage of working with one of the world’s most lightweight Audio Fingerprints. Our continuously improving algorithm is able to compress 10 hours of TV or Radio content in less than 2 MB of Audio Fingerprints.

“Users love the simplicity of the SDK”

Super Simple SDK

The clients that have implemented our Audio Fingerprinting API in real-world scenarios, say that our Next Gen SDK is super simple and straight forward to use. A mobile developer will be able to implement Sound Recognition to mobile app within hours.

Matching options

With both lightweight fingerprints and a super-efficient Algorithm, the API is able to perform several matching options for each use-case.

  • On-device matching; for a small content database for use-case without internet
  • Immediate Server-side matching; for a large content database
  • Interval Server-side matching; for battery efficiency with continuous mobile monitoring

Sound Recognition apps, more efficient

  • Second Screen synchronization with ambient sound of TV or Radio. If you wish to fingerprint a TV show series of 10 episodes —for a game or other user interaction app— you are able to build a reference Audio Fingerprint database that is no bigger than 2MB. That makes it also very useable for on-device matching.
  • Immediate Music Recognition for large databases. Let your audience tag live Radio and TV Content with our extremely robust and fast algorithm. Identify music within ~ 2 seconds.
  • Sound Matching for Mobile Research (Qualitative & Quantitative). MobileSync is the only Audio Fingerprinting technology for mobile apps that has almost ZERO energy impact with all-day media monitoring. Disrupt how Media Research is performed with innovative Qualitative Research on live TV, Radio, Music and Ads (Mobile Surveys) and Quantitative Research like real-time audience measurement with capturing Sound of TV or Radio to validate TV Ratings or Radio Ratings in real-time. Learn about our white label Mobile Research solution PANEL SYNC.
  • Mobile TV Loyalty programs. The smartphone penetration nowadays is over 50% over the world’s population. Most people watch TV and Listen to the Radio. Sound Recognition is the perfect tool to measure and drive media consumption by giving consumers points for certain channels or show or let catch coupons by tagging TV and Radio Ads. This is now possible in scale with our lightweight Audio fingerprinting for all-day Sound Recognition.
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