Let your app identify TV and music

Lightweight Audio Content Recognition software
In a beautiful mobile SDK.


Let your app identify TV and music

Lightweight Audio Content Recognition software
In a beautiful mobile SDK.

The SDK for Android and iOS

The world’s most efficient mobile ACR technology in a simple SDK for mobile developers. Enable your audience to identify and engage with their favourite shows and TV ads through your app.

mobile sdk audio fingerprinting beatgrid

how it works

Beatgrid’s MOBILE SYNC is the most usable Audio Content Recognition SDK in the market. It allows your app to efficiently tag and matches the nearby sound from digital or broadcast TV, radio, movies, or music with unparalleled accuracy. Audio matching is performed within the app or server-side. The native SDK impresses developers with the ease of use and straight forward implementation.

Use Cases

TV loyalty-programs. Broadcast media Loyalty programs, Audio Recognition SDK

Let consumers catch coupons and earn points from tagging TV and radio Ads with your app. Convert TV and radio shows directly into mobile purchases. Measure and push recurring audience engagement in combination with loyalty programs and turn TV into a direct sales channel.

Audio Recognition SDK for iOS - Android - Audio Fingerprinting API

Synchronize mobile app content with TV shows within a 2 seconds. At least 80% of TV viewers use other devices while watching TV. You can now engage with your lost TV audience directly by making TV ads and shows or radio identifiable on Beatgrid MOBILE SYNC powered mobile apps.

tv-music-recognition SDK for iOS and Android - Robust Music Recognition API for mobile

Power your audience to identify Music with your App and create a social and engaging media experience. Your audience can now identify video and music at home or at the café with and instantly send them to a related playlist, video or radio stream.


  • Convert Sound around consumer into Data and Interaction
  • Identify TV, video, audio or Radio in real-time
  • Obtain user data to optimize content strategy
  • Engage with TV and Radio audience on mobile


  • 1 hour of media is compressed into 180Kb of audio fingerprints
  • Algorithm for Speed-of-Recognition
  • Easy-to-use SDK for iOS & Android
  • On-device recognition and matching without internet
  • No need to own or modify content

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