Broadcast Monitoring, Media tracking & Ad Verification

Server-side software to accurately monitor and track if, where and
when TV and radio ads are broadcasted. Measure and optimize your ad spend and maximizing your ROI.

protect and measure content with beatgrid automatic content recognition

MEDIA MONITOR is server-side software application to enable developers to identify content in streams and files.

Our proprietary Automatic Content Recognition technology is integrated in our MEDIA MONITOR application to build broadcast monitoring services with thousands of radio and TV stations with groundbreaking accuracy.

Verify Ad Placement
on TV and Radio

Identify competitior
content programming or advertising

Detect illegal content distribution
across media platforms

use cases


Super Accurate TV and Radio Ad verification

for Broadcast Ad Verification for Broadcast Monitoring firms, Broadcasters, Advertising Agencies and brands.

MEDIA MONITOR performs precise and reliable recognition of advertisements. Match any audio or video content within 2 seconds. Discern differences between short and long versions of the same advertisements. Our broadcast monitoring software application or SDK enables you to get real-time TV and Radio insights on any content. Scalable to more than thousands of channels.


ID competitors media strategy
and win the Advertising Game

Our broadcast monitoring technology enables real-time competitor insights of TV and Radio advertising. With the MEDIA MONITOR server app or SDK you can analyze and benchmark a media strategy against competitors to boost campaign effect. Easy to use back-end application that integrates into your workflows to upload content and match  against audio or video clips or live channels.


Airplay monitoring for Content Copyright management

For content owners like music right holders or TV producers to

  • Accurately allocate content rights royalties based on airplay
  • Where and when your content is used
  • Compile Music Hit lists based on most aired songs and artists

MEDIA MONITOR is broadcast monitoring technology solution to identify aired music across any channel over the world. We discern subtle differences between radio edits and special remixes, even with variations in tempo and pitch, to identify the exact version of the song being aired.


  • Server application built in Java for Linux and OSX
  • integrates into existing workflows
  • Identify your content airing within 2 seconds
  • Fingerprinting 200 x times real-time and file based offline processing


  • Real-time insights in Ad and content placements,create triggers for websites or advertising
  • Independent TV & Radio ad placement verification
  • Accurate airplay metrics to allocate content monetization
  • Protect Live sports content from illegal distribution


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