Why Facebook offers Second Screen to Broadcasters?

Facebook announced that the social media giant rolls out new ways for broadcasters to use its platform for Second Screen interaction. Supporting the long term plan to work closer with broadcasters, it is now rolling out a number of new features to help broadcasters and programmers easily engage with TV audiences through Facebook.

A Voting and polling API, and a video and photo submission capabilities that were created in partnership with Telescope.tv. Telescope is also the first company to adopt the new Hashtag Voting API.

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Photo and Video Viewer Submissions

A new API powered by Telescope lets broadcasters gather multimedia responses and contributions from their audience through uploader landing pages.
Those can be anything from video questions to funny submissions for late-night talk shows or audition videos.
Additionally, producers can build galleries that can be embedded in Facebook Page tabs or show sites and apps.

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Why does Facebook want to leverage does TV moments?

Looking at the other social media giant, Twitter’s user growth in the last couple quarters may have been other thing than great, but the social messaging was doing well engaging with television viewers. There are many research studies that indicate that more than 80% of TV viewers are occasionally grabbing their mobile devices while watching TV. Also Facebook’s own research found that of those viewers who visit a social network while watching TV, 85% visit Facebook. According to SecondSync, U.K.-based social analytics agency, a fully 60% of the interactions around primetime programming take place during the broadcast. This is especially true of new status updates, or Posts, which tend to cluster within the live window. Reactions to those posts, such as Likes and comments, have a longer tail.

TV Advertising Budgets

It time for Facebook to optimize monetization of those TV audiences. Facebook wants to leverage that space helping TV networks survive the digital media revolution, it looks it is also trying take an even bigger piece of the huge TV advertising pie.

Second Screen App providers & Audio Sync

Would this be an Opportunity for Second Screen App providers to integrate the new Facebook tools into their own platform? In case Facebook is also going to support time related Voting or TV gameshow, how is Audio Sync — synchronization due to buffering difference per TV user with the real-time updates on Facebook— integrated in their API?

We’re eager to see the coming Facebook Second Screen use-cases, hopefully deployed with more third party integration!

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