If you still believe AV media is non-optimisable for advertisers, think on… finally, the disruption is happening

efficacy measurement of AV ad investment

Advanced cross-channel multi-touch attribution (MTA) for TV, OTV, CTV, bVOD, radio, even OOH, is finally a reality; the single-source audience verification tech needed to do this with the required highest level of precision and scalability is in-market today. Cross-platform measurement of AV True cross-platform measurement of AV ad exposure and attribution has lagged expectations fostered […]

The holy grail in advertising is true 1-2-1 efficacy measurement of AV ad investment

efficacy measurement of AV ad investment

Looks increasingly like it’s ‘game on’ in pursuit of the Holy Grail in media measurement for TV, video and radio. Finally, there’s committed, engaged industry discussion of what will constitute true efficacy measurement of AV ad investment. Undoubtedly the light bulb has come on for major brand advertisers. There’s now a growing awareness amongst senior […]

Why Facebook offers Second Screen To Broadcasters

second screen tools facebook.

Facebook announced that the social media giant rolls out new ways for broadcasters to use its platform for Second Screen interaction. Supporting the long term plan to work closer with broadcasters, it is now rolling out a number of new features to help broadcasters and programmers easily engage with TV audiences through Facebook. A Voting and polling API, […]

Beatgrid Audio Fingerprinting SDK Launched At IBC Amsterdam Hackfest

Audio Fingerprinting Beatgrid Media

Together with Twitter, Amazon AWS and Monterosa, Beatgrid Media is platinum sponsor and technology supplier of the IBC 2015 Hackfest, where it launches its latest Audio Fingerprinting SDK. Our Automatic Content Recognition technology is based on super-efficient audio fingerprinting. Our latest release is again lighter and faster so developers can hack a new app in no-time. The Hack Challenge We challenged the […]

Beatgrid Finalist In ‘IIeX’ USA Innovation Competition

atlanta IIeX competition

Text Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Passive Audio Content Recognition are finalist in the – 2016 Insight Innovation Exchange at Atlanta Beatgrid Media competed in the finals of the IIeX competition in Atlanta, for being one of the most innovative startups companies in the market research industry. The competition was strong with 10 other innovative […]

Beatgrid Media Speaks At Attribution Accelerator – NYC On Nov.30th

real-time audience measurement

Attribution Accelerator – NYC We are pleased to announce that Beatgrid Media will be speaking along with Google, ESPN, Aol., Johnson&Johnson, McKinsey&Company, Verizon, Turner and others,  at “Attribution Accelerator -The Future of Marketing measurement” in New York City at Time Inc. on November 30. Beatgrid’s Co-founder Daniel Tjondronegoro will speak about: An entirely new approach […]