Automatic Content Recognition for today’s TV experiences

Automatic Content Recognition for today’s TV experiences

With the rise of the multi-screen TV watching, Automatic Content Recognition is becoming an important technology for mobile TV apps to let users engage with its audible surroundings. Automatic Content Recognition technologies are an effective way for broadcasters and operators to address the demand for a television experience that is Interactive, Personalized, and Social, allowing them to […]

Mobile Sound Recognition, the Evolution of multi screen TV Measurement

sound recognition multi screen

As TV viewing behavior is shifting rapidly from linear to on demand, OTT (over the top) personalized recommendation programming and viewing on multiple devices, TV measurement technologies need to evolve and adapt to fragmented TV audiences. “The gap between accurate measurement and consumer behavior is bigger than ever,” said Linda Yaccarino, chairwoman of advertising sales […]

Beatgrid Audio Fingerprinting SDK Launched At IBC Amsterdam Hackfest

Audio Fingerprinting Beatgrid Media

Together with Twitter, Amazon AWS and Monterosa, Beatgrid Media is platinum sponsor and technology supplier of the IBC 2015 Hackfest, where it launches its latest Audio Fingerprinting SDK. Our Automatic Content Recognition technology is based on super-efficient audio fingerprinting. Our latest release is again lighter and faster so developers can hack a new app in no-time. The Hack Challenge We challenged the […]

New ‘Next Gen’ Sound Recognition API For iOS and Android

Implement Sound Recognition within mobile apps more efficient than Ever. We are proud to announce the launch of our new MobileSync™ with a Next Generation mobile Audio Fingerprinting API for both iOS and Android. EFFICIENT AND MODULAR AUDIO FINGERPRINTING API In a connected generation, where mobile devices become faster and more mobile apps are eating smartphone […]

Best Hack With Beatgrid Automatic Content Recognition SDK

Beatgrid’s IBC Hackfest winners. September 11-13 has been a long, long weekend at IBC 2015 for the guys from EMOMENT. An idea, a concept and an app all realised within 48 hours of almost continuous hacking. The IBC 2015 Hackfest hosted hackers from all over the world. The EMOMENT team was created on the spot with […]