Best hack with Beatgrid Automatic Content Recognition SDK

Beatgrid’s IBC Hackfest winners.

September 11-13 has been a long, long weekend at IBC 2015 for the guys from EMOMENT. An idea, a concept and an app all realised within 48 hours of almost continuous hacking

The IBC 2015 Hackfest hosted hackers from all over the world. The EMOMENT team was created on the spot with 4 people from The Netherlands and one from South Africa. They were one of the few teams that hacked through both nights with only a few hours of sleep while crashing at the RAI venue sofas


EMOMENT is a second screen engagement platform that is about Capturing and Sharing TV moments through emotion. Users can tag a piece of content from TV and share that exact piece of content with their friends while labeling it with the emotion that best describes the TV moment,

The latest Automatic Content Recognition tech released at IBC’15

ACR Implementation

Beatgrid was platinum sponsor of the IBC hackathon and provided our latest release of our Automatic Content Recognition technology. We challenged the hackers to come up with an app that would create new ways of Content Engagement, Media Research & Measurement and Monetisation. This was best realised by team EMOMENT.

They were implemented Beatgrid’s Automatic Content Recognition SDK (based on innovative audio fingerprinting) quit fast. The implementation of our SDK was done with the command line tools, which we have both for Linux and OSX, on a JavaScript based application.

The business model behind the concept needs some refinement but the overall implementation and the creativity while using our technology made EMOMENT the winners of Beatgrid’s challenge at IBC 2015 Hackfest.

automatic content recognition used by EMOMENT during IBC hackfest

Other winners

The Best Overall Hack was a team from London. VITA was the project. Think Tinder meets recipes online, using user generated cooking video from YouTube.

Best Overall Design was WooHoo which works by combining. With object based tracking (ie: players), they connected real-time twitter data in a live stream. If the crowd tweets, a selection will be showed on the match screen at the player they’re tweeting about and while watching the match.

Best Commercial Concept was Tapball – Tap the screen if you see a goal coming! By feeding the position of the ball from LViS by Monterosa, we determine if the ball is on the field or in one of the goals. Beatgrid’s Automatic Content Recognition could have been implemented to synchronize the online, real-time gaming with the buffering delay of the broadcast, which can fluctuate per user depending how and where you watch TV. Check out the photo album here.

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