Beatgrid Audio Fingerprinting SDK Launched at IBC Amsterdam Hackfest

Together with Twitter, Amazon AWS and Monterosa, Beatgrid Media is platinum sponsor and technology supplier of the IBC 2015 Hackfest, where it launches its latest Audio Fingerprinting SDK. Our Automatic Content Recognition technology is based on super-efficient audio fingerprinting. Our latest release is again lighter and faster so developers can hack a new app in no-time.

The Hack Challenge

We challenged the Hackers come use our SDK to come up with new ways of Content Engagement, Media Research & Measurement and Media Monetisation.  That’s quite a mouth full and broad but these are the areas where the Broadcast Media industry face real challenges. Our Automatic Content Recognition will help them make TV & Radio content Clickable, Measurable and Personal. The Developer working with our extremely easy to use Audio fingerprinting SDK— consisting of simple Linux / OSX command line tools— will be able to generate content fingerprints and matches from audio content within 10 minutes.

1 hour of media is compressed to 180 kb of Audio Fingerprinting data

Extremely Lightweight

1 hour of media will be compressed to 180 kb of data using our audio fingerprints. That means that 1 full week— 24/7 continuous media monitoring — only requires 32 MB of data. The hacker will be able to create a working Automatic Content Recognition application within the 48 hours of the Hackfest.

IBC Hackfest Prizes

€ 5.000 euro in cash prizes and a hugely influential jury of broadcast industry professionals to judge the hacks, The IBC Hackfest is a creative space where hackers come together for three days and two nights in the heart of the show floor of IBC with over 55000 attendees expected in 2015. We are already seeing a really exciting new app being created with Beatgrid’s Automatic Content Recognition SDK.

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EMOMENT wins Beatgrid's Automatic Content Recognition IBC hackfest challenge