Ad Sync

Sync Broadcast ads to mobile

Pinpoint the exact moment a TV or Radio commercial airs
and simultaneously serve companion Ads on mobile devices

Technology that knows the right moment to Advertise

We help boost campaign effect with synchronized cross-media advertising. The foundation for the synchronization is our Automatic Content Recognition technology.

We monitor selected TV and Radio channels to detect any TV or Radio content the moment it airs to automatically trigger Ad synchronization across mobile, search, or social.

Hear Ads on the Radio or TV
See them online at the same time

ad sync acr

92% of consumers use other devices
while watching TV.
47% is content related

How it works

Automatic Content Recognition for synced advertising

1.  We audio fingerprint Ads to enable identification

2.  TV and Radio channels are analyzed to identify the exact airing moment

3.  Once identified data is sent to Ad Exchanges and DSP’s

4.  Digital Ad campaigns are Synced with any TV and Radio Ads


  • Sync your own TV and Radio campaigns
  • Sync your competitor’s or partners TV and Radio campaigns
  • Sync your Landing pages
  • Sync on Content Sentiment
  • Sync within Mobile Apps / Mobile Web / Tablets / Desktop


  • Targeting based on Media Consumption
  • Boost Results when you Engage at the right moment
  • Higher Conversion on TV and Radio spend
  • Increased Relevance: 27% of consumers lookup products
    after TV and Radio Ads (Nielsen)
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