The Future of
Cross-Media Measurement

Measuring Cross-Media Ad performance is hard.

Start improving your Cross-Media ROI and better allocating your media budget
with our single-source audience measurement platform.

Measuring Cross-Media Ad performance is hard.
Improve your Cross-Media ROI with our single-source audience measurement platform.

Audience Measurement

Single-source tracking

Measure Cross-Media Ad Effectiveness

Use ACR Technology to maximize your campaign ROI

Paradigm shift

In the last decade, people have started consuming media in myriad ways. Global audiences have moved from only using traditional channels to a daily cross-platform consumption across the digital, analogical, and in-person realms, making media content creation and effectiveness a harder task for advertising and marketing teams.

Today’s global actors are constantly facing the following challenges:

  • Difficulty measuring brand lift based on verified TV exposures instead of claimed exposure.
  • A sense of struggle when looking to understand the incremental reach of CTV (BVOD & AVOD), TV, YouTube, OOH, and Radio from a single source.
  • Not being able to base your operations on person-level TV audience metrics.
  • Having trouble in accurately attributing effectiveness and cut-through to ad each creative.
  • Unable to justify if the campaign’s KPIs have been reached.

Start improving your measurement and optimizing your campaign planning and business KPIs with our Cross-Media single-source audience measurement platform.

Full Cross-Funnel Solutions

Identify audience behavior throughout the entire customer journey


Brand Beat

Brand Lift Measurement

R&F Beat

Cross-Media R&F
Incrementality Measurement

Footfall Beat

Cross-Media to Retail Attribution Measurement

Full-funnel metrics

Spot your Cross-Media efforts with a custom Analytics platform

  • Measure the brand impact of live TV and video campaigns.
  • Understand video creative effectiveness.
  • Determine R&F by campaign and channel.
  • Track channel overlap & incrementality.
  • Verify ad delivery.
  • Attribute effectiveness and cut-through to ad each creative.
  • Check real-time campaign analytics.

Case Studies

Coles Supermarkets

Measuring the impact of cross-media channels on brand and footfall, to ultimately identify the optimal channels and creative mix.


Creating a single-source panel that provides mid-campaign reads and evaluates the halo impact of cross-campaign exposure.


Measuring and validating the diverse buying cross-channel tactics in different regions in Australia.

Cinema First

Designing a digital strategy to drive higher video engagement in premium content environments, and proving the incremental reach of CTV.

Next-generation Audience Measurement

Connect your brand’s campaigns with your customers. 

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